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Production Service

Thai Food and Chemical Co., Ltd. have our own laboratory for research and development and a factory for mixing and/or blending production line. Customers can inquire us for a blended additive to suit their application. As we are the direct importer of a variety of ingredients, we can provide the required ingredients at a cheaper price compared to many producers who offer the same service. Customers can either bring their own formula or we can develop a new formula along with the customers.

Research and Development

We are confident in our expert laboratory team to research and develop food additive and/or food supplement according the customers’ need. The range of products we have developed diverse from industrial usage to consumer product. Please contact our sales executive for more detail.


We have our own production line that specializes in mixing and blending food additives controlled by our R&D team. As we have our own production line, we can provide one stop service from ingredients to special blended food additive, powdered beverage, capsuled supplement, and other kinds of mixed additive for customers’ convenience and better pricing. The range of product that we produce is as followed:

  • Baking Powder
  • Fish collagen mixed
  • Beverage powder
  • Capsuled Supplement

Our newer and more advanced production line is under construction in Pakasa District, Samutprakarn. The new production line is scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2015.